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How To Set-up RSS Feed On uTorrent [Easy]

Click On File And The ” Add RSS Feed… “

Fill the dialog as below and click OK

With custom alias you can name your feed as you want it to be shown in the sidebar feed list

Do not change the Subscription option unless you want each and every item published in the feed to be downloaded automatically.

•  Now your feed(s) will appear on the sidebar where you can edit etc. By right clicking on them. Also the color will indicate various status like active and working (orange), not working (red) etc.And clicking on it you will get the list of the actual feed content (the show torrents in our case).

Click Ctrl+R.  Or Choose from the menu bar as below. Here we create filters to act upon the feed. One for each show you want to grab.

This is the dialog where you will do this:

Because of the lack of a global Fail filter we need to add the file types we want to ignore on each filter’s Not line e.g. *AC3*|*HR*|*264*|*720*  Add any terms you like here.  Just surround each one with * wild cards and separate them with a |

From Now On Whenever a New Episode Of (In This Case) The Big Bang Theory Is Released, UTorrent Will Automatically Download It.

-Video Tutorial-

How To Get A Certificate To Sign Unsigned Symbain S60 Apps

There are a lot of ‘unsigned’ applications floating around the web, partly because part time developers either do not have the time or money to get their applications signed via the Symbian Signed program. While quite a bit of such applications can be signed via the Open Signed website.

For all such reasons it is best to have a developer certificate with which you can sign the files on the phone itself and install without having to bother with any other method.


Simply visit and sign up for an account.

Sign up For A New Account

Just fill in your basic details


Verify Your Email

Go to your email and click on the provided

Input Your IMEI Number & Click On Submit

(If you don’t know your IMEI then press *#06# from your numberpad)


Wait For 12 – 24 Hours


After 12 – 24 Hours when you return back HERE your .cer and .key will be ready to download. ( You just need to click on them)

PS: I or the iPhoneFizz Team will not be responsible for any damage or liability that results from the use of the above tutorial. Please do so at your own risk.

[UPDATE – The Guide On How To Sign Unsigned Files On A S60 3rd/5th Edition Device Itself is here.

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MTNL Mumbai IP/DNS/SubnetMask Settings. [Images]

If You’re The Person Who Is Looking For

The Default IP Address, Subnet Mask, Preferred DNS Server, Default Gateway

This Is The Right Place For You.

Here are some step by step instructions to guide you through the whole procedure.

*This tutorial works on Windows Xp,Windows Vista,Windows7.


Step 1: Open your Control Panel


Step 2: Click On Local Area Connection


Step3: Click On Properties


Step4: Double Click On “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”


Step5: Fill In These Details

Now Enjoy Some Hassle-Free Internet Browsing.

How To Increase Youtube Buffering Speed On Any iDevice!


In This Tutorial We Show You how How To Increase Your Buffering Speed Of Youtube On Any iDevice.

Follow The Steps Given Below:

  1. Open Up Cydia

  2. Add A New Source

  3. Search For TCP Optimizer

  4. Install It And Reboot You Device

  5. Aloha! Now You Get Faster Buffering Speed’s.

Watch A Full Step-By-Step Video For More Info.

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