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Tablets And Smartphones Before And After The iPhone And iPad [Photos]

Today We Bring To You Some Jaw dropping Similarities Between Smartphones And Tabs,

That Were launched After The”BIG DADDY” Launched Their Big Shots.

Enjoy The Snaps!

Now this thing Here Is What a Stock Android phone By Google Looked Like Before The iPhone.

     As you can see, it bears striking similarities to the RIM devices which at the time dominated the market.  With Blackberry fast losing relevance, Apple is now setting the pace, and influencing designs. Look at the modern-day devices running Android software, and you can see the pattern emerging. Take the Samsung Galaxy S II For Instance:

As It Can Be Clearly Seen That The Form Factor Is Just Like The iPhone.

I’ve Stacked Up Some More Images Just For That 1% Satisfaction Factor Still Poking The Guys Who Don’t Believe This..

Go Check It Out For Yourself.

And As Apple CEO,Steve Jobs Clearly Stated That “2011 Is The Year Of  The Copy Cats”. Its A Shame For Samsung And The Other Mobile Giants To Not Develop Something More Prudent  And Innovative.

But Wait….

The Story Does Not End Here..

Then Came The iPad,Which Took The Tablet World By Storm And Doomed Other Tab Giants,Big Time!.

To put things further into perspective, take a look at the image below. It depicts those old tablet devices which some may not even remember due to the relatively small tablet market before the iPad turned it on its head. It also shows a selection of the current tablets from other manufacturers on the market running Google’s Android OS.