Apple faces lawsuit from 27000 South Koreans!

London, Aug 19 (ANI): Software technology giant Apple is facing a lawsuit brought by 27000 South Koreans who claimed it had invaded their privacy by storing a hidden log of their movements on their iPhones.

The practice emerged in April, when two British security researchers found the file on both iPhone handsets and the computers with which they were associated.

The unencrypted location data it contained stretched back almost a year, the Telegraph reports.

Apple was then ordered by a South Korean court to pay Kim Hyung-souk, a lawyer, one million pounds won in compensation as a result.

His firm, Mirae law, now represents 27,000 iPhone users in a class-action.

Each user is seeking the same compensation, which would mean a total payout of more than 15.2million pounds, the paper said.

A week after the existence of the hidden log was publicised, Apple announced that it would update iOS to fix a “bug” that made storing location data hard to turn off.

It also said it would stop backing up the file on the computer associated with each iPhone, and encrypt it. (ANI)

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